Multichannel DIs

Want to rant about which speaker is best, or why you love/hate a certain mic, preamp, console, DAW, etc.? This is the place for that.
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Multichannel DIs


Postby Soundman2020 » Wed, 2020-Aug-19, 19:27

Sausages and jam! Strange combination, but I'll try it once! :)

- Stuart -

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Multichannel DIs


Postby endorka » Thu, 2020-Aug-20, 18:13

These are excellent suggestions, thanks folks. At the moment I just run the XLR snake from room 1 to room 2 through the knee walls at the front of each room, them into roof eaves. Option #3 if you will, although it's easier since there are several hatches into these eaves for access. I may just keep doing it this way after all :-)

Where I would definitely like to use duct is for the computer signal cables - the computer is in the landing between the two rooms. The XLRs have been fine for years, but computer cables seem more prone to failure. I am sure these tips will be most useful for threading that particular bunch of cables through the duct.

Another option might be to run several ADAT cables between from the control room to an ADAT multi preamp / line out box for mics and monitor sends in the live room. It would be cheaper than ethernet & Dante. I don't fancy it though, having the mic preamps in the live room instead of the control room is far from convenient. It also limits you to cable runs of 5m for standard ADAT cable. Might be useful for someone though.


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