Where to find the REAL SketchUp

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Where to find the REAL SketchUp


Postby Soundman2020 » Wed, 2019-Oct-23, 22:15

SketchUp is the preferred program for designing your studio. It's a very powerful tool for doing that, a little quirky, and it takes a while to learn it well, but once you do, it's great.

However.... Trimble, the company that now owns SketchUp, changed the rules a while back. You used to be able to get a free version (called "SketchUp Make") for non-commercial use, that you could download onto your computer and use forever, at no cost. There was also a "pro" version, for people who wanted to use it for commercial purposes (eg, designing studios for other people, like I do), and you had to pay for that one. Fair enough. Simple, and everyone was happy. You could download either version from their website, and even get a 30 day trial of the "pro" version for free, before it automatically turned into the standard version at the end of that period.

Then they messed it all up. Big time! They introduced a subscription type system for using it, as well as various licensing schemes and maintenance plans for different versions that nobody understands (not even them, it seems), and they eliminated the free version. Then they created another version, which they called "free", just to confuse you even more, except that it is a bare-bones, stripped-down-to-nothing, practically useless thing that only runs on-line from a web-browser, and is basically good for nothing at all. It's a toy. Or a joke. Not a serious modelling tool. A waste of time. No use to anybody: it is slllloooowwww, clunky, hard to use, and does not support the plugins or many of the features that are critical to making SketchUp useful.

But what they DON'T tell you, is that you CAN in fact still get the final release of the original free version! Its called "SketchUp Make 2017", and it is still there, on their website... just well hidden. And you can still download it to your own computer, and use it forever, free! They just conveniently neglect to tell you about that.

So, that's the long preamble to explain the link below: It's where you can still get the original and best "SketchUp Make 2017", which is what you should be using to design your studio:

Get it while you still can. Sooner or later they will kill that version too (which will be my cue to dump SketchUp entirely and move to another program). But for now, it's still good.

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